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CNC knive grinding machine ELITE model CU PRO

New knives grinding machine with CNC control for the fast and accurate sharpening.
Equipped as standard with the program for the manufacturing and sharpening of knives of the same size, precision grinding wheel infeed of 0,001 mm. and programmable CNC control to save your programs.

Afiladora CNC de cuchillas ELITE modelo CU PRO - Panel de control

CNC control display

LESS IS MORE: While most control panels add more and more buttons that make them less intuitive and manageable, as we design our own software and electronics can configurate the panel to what we exactly want on this machine. With only two lateral pushers and a central button with similar using of an iPod®, the menu guides the operator through the steps to be made.
This way is not necessary to spend long time on trainings.

For more information and technical data please visit the online catalog: CNC knive grinding machine ELITE model CU PRO

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