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PCD erosion under control

Quality has a price, a low price in this case.

Our experience with the PCD allows us to offer a leading product.

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¿Why erodeTEC?

The electrode is the key to the correct spark erosion, it does a double task:
A. – Is the responsible of transferring the maximum amount of current supplied by the generator to the PCD plate
2. – You must pass this current stably, with no peaks or valleys, so that the surface of the PCD and the play or tolerance between teeth is as small as possible.

To do this it is necessary not only a good alloy material, but is should be distributed homogeneously and be also easy to dress, because any imperfections during dressing operation of the electrode are transferred to the PCD.

To achieve this, we performed various tests with some of the leading manufacturers of PCD tools up to current specifications.
But we do not stop here, constantly we receive reviews of different customers, this helps us to constantly upgrade the product to control the quality of each piece. You can do this by filling out the questionnaire attached to each electrode, or from this website at the following link:

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Extremely short delivery times: 1 to 2 days for 90% of standard electrodes. We have the stock for you.

*Specific electrodes can be supplied according to the design you specify.
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