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What is a micron?

The filtering systems ELITE FILTRAmaq provide excellent filtration performance with low cost.
But it is very difficult to get a real idea of the quality of filtration obtained when it comes to units as small as one micron.
So we prepared a graphic example.

1 micron is a thousandth of a millimetre, ie 0.001 mm. But to get the idea we have prepared the following comparison.
To achieve this we have created 4 images, we have had to expand the images proportionally so 1 micron can be represented in a computer monitor.

  1. The first image shows 1 millimetre (so 1000 microns), this image it’s made by a 1000×1000 pixels matrix.
  2. The second image represents 100 microns, it is represented by a matrix of 100×100 pixels.
  3. The third image represents 25 microns, it is made by a 25×25 pixel matrix.
  4. The last image, barely visible as a small dot, it is made by a 1×1 pixel matrix.

That’s 1 millimetre:

That’s 100 microns:

That’s 25 microns:

This is 1 micron:

The filtering systems FILTRAmaq by ELITE can filter up to 1 micron the grinding oil or emulsion coolant.
In the particular case of EDM dielectric oil, due to the special characteristics of the dielectric and incidence in machining times, we have our special filtering system FILTRAmaq ERO capable of filtering to 0,2 micron. (that’s 5 times less than 1 micron!).
To do this we use a specially made filter cartridge to ensure that at least 99% of all particles greater than the given specifications are retained.

As can be seen in the images, the difference between filtering to 25 microns or 1 micron is very large, compared to 100 microns the difference is huge.
The fine filtering of coolant has the following remarkable benefits:

  • High quality of the coolant, and therefore of the top surface of the tool / work-piece machined.
  • Longer lifetime of the grinding wheel or cutting tool.
  • Less wear on machine guides and spindles.

Many filter systems ranging up to 100 real microns, while some less reach the 25 microns. There are also expensive filtration system which guarantee the elimination of particles of 1 micron and up.
The principal The main advantage of the range of filters FILTRAmaq ELITE is that it allows a fine filtering of coolant with a low acquisition and maintenance costs..

Which filtration quality needs my application?
Another important advantage of our FILTRAmaq filtering system its that we can adjust the filtration quality only by means of the exchange of the filtering cartridge. So we can adjust the filtration quality from 1 micron up to 8 micron with an inexpensive operation.
As a general rule we do not advise to filter more than 10 microns, ideally 1 to 3 microns, always depending on the application.

More information in our FILTRAmaq range of machines: ELITE FILTRAmaq

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