Introducing the abrasive that grows as your needs do

Superabrasives of your choice depending on your needs

Aim for constant evolution

Constantly we modify the specifications of our grinding wheels to adapt to the changing market demands.

Grinding wheels for the tooling industry ELITE abrasiTEC

abrasiTEC – Find out more about its features

Why abrasiTEC?

In the same way that machines for grinding and cutting tools evolve as time goes on, so must its abrasives and consumables. Not only our superabrasives advance but they do together with the user.
In each box you will find a short questionnaire to evaluate our product so we can offer the best abrasive that suits your needs.
You can also do it from our website:

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Short delivery times: between 1 and 2 days for 90% standard grinding wheels

*It can be supplied specific grinding wheels according to customer suggested design.
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