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Bandsaws with curved shape teeth sharpening machine ELITE AFILAmaq SC 3

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ELITE model AFILAmaq SC 3

The economical curved shape teeth profile saw sharpening machine

ELITE model AFILAmaq SC 3

Sharpening and setting bandsaw for wood machines.

Curved shape bandsaw sharpening machine AFILAmaq SC 3

Version without bandsaw setting

Economical, long lasting and low maintenance sharpening machine

For sharpening and setting of bandsaw with curved shaped tooth with width of 10 to 60 mm.

Curved shape bandsaw sharpening and setting machine

Version with bandsaw setting

The machine is avalaible only with the sharpening or the sharpening over the bandsaw setting.

Bandsaws are placed vertically through an adjustable wheel according to the length of saw. This saves space in

Modelo AFILAmaq SC 3

- Sharpening of curved shaped tooth.
- Available with or without setting.
- Possibility to select the load sharpening: only the front or front + back of teeth.
- Independent regulation of tooth pitch.
- Joint regulation of grinding wheel depth and input/output speed.
- Vertical system to save space in the workshop.
- Version with setting: Right-left-straight option or right-left one.

Tooth shapeCurved shape
Speed of sharpening33 teeth/minute
Sharpening pitchof 16 to 25 mm. (0,59″ to 1″)
Width of bandsawof 10 to 60 mm. (0,39″ to 2,36″)
Thickness of bandsawof 0,5 to 1,5 mm. (0,019″ to 0,06″)
Weight50 Kg.

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