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Automatic carbide tipped sawblades sharpening machine Elite AFILAmaq MD

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Automatic carbide tipped sawblades sharpening machine


Automatic sharpening of circular saw blades with diameter from 100 to 650 mm.(4″ to 25,5″)

Automatic and accurate circular saw blades sharpening.
Allows face and top grinding in an easy and fast way with diamond grinding wheel.

All tooth profiles are possible to grind:
- Face grinding: straight or with angle
- Top grinding: Flat, alternate, pointed, high-low or different combination of them.
- Back off: Can back off the carbde tip by CBN grinding wheel.
- Hollow tooth: as option the machine can be delivered with high speed spindle.

PLC Display very easy to use, for setting teeth number and working process.

Very easy to use what makes the machine apropiate as for a profesional grinder as well as a self mantenance shop, sawmills, wood warehouses, etc..

Low mantenance: Its design allows a long time working without misfunctions, however in case of failure, the machine is built with qualiy but economical parts and allows the operator can chenge them easily with a minimum knowledge and tools. Even when the machine is working on remote area the mantenance costs will not be a problem.
Nw is not necessary to get used machines in a hesitating conservation with low accuracy and reliability.


Hollow teeth grinding


- Very easy programing by LCD display.
- Hollow teeth optionally available.
- For circular saw blades with diameters between 100 and 650 mm.
- Face, top and back off grinding.
- Posible to grind positive and negative cutting angles.
- Very low mantenance.
- Extremelly easy to use what makes the machine suitable for profesional as well as starters.
- Delivered with two saw blade holders, one for bigger diamters and the other for incisors.
- Diamond grinding wheel included with delivering.
- Cooling equipment and hollow teeth available as option.

Saw blade diameterø100 to 650 mm.
4″ to 25-1/2″
Centering ringsIncluided: 20, 25, 30, 32 mm.
Other diameters by request.
Top side grindingTooth shape
Flat, alternate, pointed, trapezidal or combination of these.
Face grindingTooth shape
Flat or with angle
Relief grindingIt allows relief grinding by CBN grinding wheel (not included)
Voltage220 V. Monophase 50/60 Hz.
Weight300 Kg.

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