ELITE model CC

For the sharpening and manufacturing of circular knives with very simple and intuitive use

ELITE model CC

Sharpening of circular knives

The ELITE CC is a compact and easy to use machine for the sharpening of circular knives, combining the use of CNC axis with manual axis to get the most of automation and classic use

The new CC is an easy and fast solution for circular knives grinding process, very easy to use, we can reach best quality on sharpening with low working times

Maximum flexibility on sharpening process

With an standard programmable CNC we can set and save the programs, suitable for manufacturing and accurate grinding as needed on paper knifes. Is posible to program three separate grinding cycles in one program: roughing with total and partial down feed and carriage speed, finishing modifying the in feed and speed and finally spark out cycle where we can modify the speed and program how many turns we want with no in feed.
In standard version there is a production program, which allows to grind groups of equal knifes easy, fast and with accurate results.

CBN grinding

To achieve the most accurate sharpening results in shortest time, with roughing program, the powerful grinding wheel motor (3 HP.) in combination with high pressure cooling system is possible to have high material removal in very short time without affecting the quality of material, with spark out program is possible to modify knife rotation speed to achieve the best surface quality

¿Grinding clockwise or in anticlockwise sense?

One of the parameters that is possible to modify is the knife rotation sense.

CNC controlled in feed movement

Precision linear guides for an accurate carriage movement. Very simple.

Ball bearing guides with continuous automatic lubrication, this system allows a soft movement free of vibrations, this bearings hold the carriage in way is not possible to move it up or down.

Production program

With production program (standard) is posible to sharp a group of circular knifes with exactly same diameter, as required in some applications

High pressure cooling equipment

Includes external tank with decantation spacers to filter the material after sharpening process

We think the cooling system should be powerfull and at the same time easy to have maintenance. Is possible to fix the tank under the working area, on the backside or wherever the customer wants.
This way improve the accessibility doing maintenance works easy and fast.

See how it works

Standard accessories

- 1 CNC axe and 2 manual axes.
- Very easy and friendly programming system, each step shows to operator the requiered values.
- Grinding program allows 3 steps (roughing, finishing and spark out)
- Automatic grinding infeed. (manual and CNC controlled approaching)
- Circualr knife angle from +90º to -90º
- 3 HP Grinding wheel motor. With frequency converter from 3.000 to 9.000 RPM
- Cup grinding wheel ø100 mm.
- Grinding wheel speed programmable for roughing and finishing operation.
- Circular knive speed programmable from 10 to 70 RPM.
- LCD display
- Standard prodcution program for equal diameter knifes.
- Automatic central lubrication system.
- Coolant equipment with 1,5 bar 30l/min. with 60 lts. Tank, pump and nozzle.

- Conectión 400 V. 3 Ph 50 Hz. / 220V 3Ph 60 Hz.

Optional accessories

- INOX Steel enclosure.
- Grinding range ampliation up to 550 mm.

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