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Universal Tool and Cutter grinding machine Masinco U-20R

Used machine completely overhauled, in perfect working condition, tolerances as new. Will be delivered with new painting.


Max. Swing over centers: 220 mm.
Length between work head and tailstock
- With workhead MT 4: 340 mm.
- With workhead ISO 40: 325 mm.
- With work head MT-5/ISO 50: 280 mm.
Max. center distance: 400 mm.
Working surface of the table: 650×105 mm.
Swivel of worktable: +- 90º
Longitudinal Traverse of worktable: 350 mm.
Vertical displacement or wheelhead: 195 mm.
Axial displacement of wheelhead: 165 mm.
Swivel of wheel spindle: 360º
Tilt of wheel spindle:+- 20º
Max. wheel diameter for tool grinding: 150 mm.
Max. wheel diameter for grinding operations: 180 mm.
Morse Taper of right hand tailstock: 1
Max. external grinding length
- with workhead MT 4: 200 mm.
- with workhead ISO 40: 185 mm.
- with workhead MT5/ISO 50: 140 mm.
Wheelspindle speeds: 2850/5670 rpm.
Power of wheel head motor: 0,80 / 1,1 kW.

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ELITE Certified: revised and guaranteed used machine.
Tested and guaranteed for 6 months.
This offer is available only for this unit. Availability is only guaranteed when downpayment is done.

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