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Electrodes for EDM of PCD and PCBN tools

Why erodeTEC?

The electrode is the key piece for the correct EDM, because it has a double function:

1.- It is in charge of transferring the maximum amount of current supplied by the generator to the PCD plate.

2.- It must transfer this current in a stable way, without peaks or valleys, so that the surface of the PCD and the tolerance between plates is as small as possible.

This requires not only a good alloy of the material, but this alloy must be evenly distributed and easy to machine, as any imperfections during the electrode re-surfacing process will be transferred to the PCD.

To achieve all this, we have carried out several tests with some of the most important PCD tool manufacturers until we reached the current specifications.

But we don't stop there, we constantly receive feedback from different customers, this serves us for constant product improvement as well as quality control of each part.

WCu electrodes for the erosion of PCD tools

We can supply standard or custom made electrodes for your spark erosion machine