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Why SintoCut?

The cutting coolant is the part of the gear that connects the abrasive you use with the tool to be sharpened. The best possible result will only be achieved with your machine if we have an abrasive and coolant that are compatible and complement each other perfectly.

The mission of the coolant is not only to absorb and displace the heat generated by the grinding, but also to allow the correct cutting of the grinding wheel and in the medium term to lubricate and grease the machine.

100% synthetic pure oil for sharpening or grinding tungsten carbide tools

Viscosity: 6 cSt

Flash point: 155ºC

Sample SintoCut PRO MD

100% synthetic pure oil for sharpening or manufacturing HSS tools

Viscosity: 10 cSt

Flash point: 180ºC

SintoCut PRO MD

SintoCut PRO MIX

Sample SintoCut HSS

SintoCut HSS


SintoCut ERO H

SintoCut ERO

Sample SintoCut PRO MIX

Water miscible oil (coolant), for sharpening or the most demanding manufacturing of steel, HSS or tungsten carbide tools.

Sample SintoCut ERO

Dielectric oil for erosion of diamond tools by rotating electrode

Viscosity: 2 cSt

Flash point: 110ºC

Sample SintoCut EROGRIND

Dielectric oil for combined grinding + erosion operations

Viscosity: 6 cSt

Flash point: 160ºC

Sample SintoCut ERO H

Dielectric oil for wire erosion of diamond tools

Viscosity: 1.5 cSt

Flash point: 60ºC

Cooling oil or emulsion for the sharpening and grinding of cutting tools

Lubrication of the grinding process is a critical point