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We reserve the right to make design changes in the interest of technical progress.






Specially designed for filtering the dielectric oil used in EDM machines, allowing optimum erosion times, as well as maintaining maximum surface quality. Filtering capacity up to 0.1µm.

Autonomous operation independent of the machine to which it is installed, easy installation and operation.

Elite FILTRAmaq ERO has been designed only for the electro-erosion machines, where any small imperfection in the dielectric used as coolant makes the machining times and surface quality decrease drastically.

The cost per working hour of erosion machines is very high and the current filtration systems are not efficient enough to remove all particles, until now: filtration at 0.1 µm.

For one individual machine type Vollmer QWD, QM, QX Walter Helitronic Power Diamond, Fanuc, etc.

Filtering flow rate Up to 3l/min
Filtering quality 0,1 µm. Precision >99%
Connection to grinding machine By means of two tubes ø3/4" inlet and 1/2" outlet per filtering unit and grinding machine
De-centralized principle Machine uses its own pump for in/out of dirty coolant and output of clean coolant. No modifications on the grinding machine are necessary
Without backflush cleaning system Up to 12 months with synthetic oil.

Technical data

Optional accesories

- Filtering cartridge for dielectric recovery

Available versions

Model Packing size Packing weight
FILTRAmaq ero 466 x 382 x 615 mm. 80 Kg.


- Perfect filtration in pure dielectric oil and water.

- Increase the performance of your EDM machine by up to 40%, achieving a huge reduction in the cost per hour of your machine.

- Smaller size to save a huge amount of space.

- Low maintenance cost.

With centralised filtration systems, if the system breaks down the machines that depend on it stop working. FILTRAmaq mini works independently from your grinding machine.

By working continuously with coolant completely free of particles, the wear on guides and spindles of the machine diminishes, saving cost repairs that exceed several time the price of FILTRAmaq ERO.


Always working

With centralised filtration systems, if the system breaks down, the machines that depend on it stop working. FILTRAmaq ERO works autonomously from your EDM machine.

Fine filtration for dielectric oil used in spark erosion machines ELITE FILTRAmaq ERO

Always at the highest quality

The same filtration quality at both the beginning and the end of the filter cartridge's lifetime.

Very easy to use

A single start/stop button and a filter change indicator.

¡Plug and play!

The easiest system to set up, insert the two oil inlet/outlet pipes into the machine's tank, connect the FILTRAmaq mini to the power supply and you're ready to go!

Filtration at 0.1 µm

It filters particles so fine that it brings back to life your dielectric, which can be seen in the color change of the oil.