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Autonomous filtration of cooling liquid up to 1µm.

It can be used with oil as well as emulsion oil.

Flow rate: up to 100 l/min.

Suitable for individual machines, as 5 axes machines like Walter, Saacke, Schneeberger, Anca,  Vollmer, etc.

The ELITE FILTRAmaq PRO basic, is our autonomous filtration equipment for cooling liquids up to 1µm with a reduced chassis for a lower investment, but with the same features and improvements as the FILTRAmaq PRO:

- The filtration system is of very affordable size/quality.

- Low maintenance cost.

- Optionally up to two filters and 2 coolers can be placed to filter two independent machines also with completely different cooling liquids.

- Customers can now use high quality grinding oils such as our synthetic oil SintoCut PRO MD: combined with our filter systems, they will never have to change oil again, they will simply have to refill oil lost during normal work.

- The life of the grinding wheel is increased by up to 4 times.

- The grinding quality of the cutting tools is improved, especially when it is a hard material like tungsten carbide. This makes customers' tools more competitive.

Filtering flow rate Up to 100l/min. per machine
Filtering quality Selectable from 1µm, 3µm, 5µm absolute filtration. Precision >99%
Connection to grinding machine By means of two tubes ø1" inlet and 3/4" outlet per filtering unit and grinding machine
De-centralized principle Machine uses its own pump for in/out of dirty coolant and output of clean coolant. No modifications on the grinding machine are necessary
Without backflush cleaning system Up to 12 months with synthetic oil.

Technical data

Optional accesories

- Additional filtering unit for a second machine. Independent working: the coolant of both machines never becomes in  contact and mixes.

- Cooling oil refrigerating unit in combination with FILTRAmaq PRO, for 1 machine. Cooling capacity: 5 kW

- Installation for filtering 2 + 2 machines non symultaneous

Available versions

Model Packing size Weight
FILTRAmaq PRO basic 1400 x 800 x 1500 mm. 300 Kg.


- High filtration quality comparable to our best competitors (up to 1µm)

- No need for installation: Plug&Play: just place inlet and outlet tubes inside the coolant tank, prime the   inlet tubes, and start the machine.

- If used in two machines the filtering of one machine is independent of the other, so you can use grinding oil in one machine and emulsion oil in the other for example (needs optional accessories)

- The optional chiller system is integrated inside the machine, so saving space

- Very high filtering flow rate: up to 120 liter/min. per machine

- Grinding precision gets better: by filtering and cooling/heating the coolant the tolerances due to thermal expansion are eliminated

- Compact machine shape ideal for placement between two 5-axis CNC machines


Filtration and chilling of oil or emulsion of grinding machines ELITE FILTRAmaq PRO

Control panel

With selection of filtering time for up to 5 machines. Available as an option.

1.4 kW motor and 3 µm filter. Maximum flow rate 100 liters/minute

Inlet and outlet valves for the connection of several machines

Available as an option





Image courtesy of HMT USA