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Technical data



Filtration of coolant for a single machine at the same time

It can be used both with oil and with oil in emulsion.

Filtration flow rate: up to 50 l / min.

Filtration quality down to 2 µm

Very easy setup process.

The new ELITE FILTRAmaq SOLO, is our autonomous equipment for the filtration of grinding/sharpening liquids, up to 2µm. It represents a renewed and improved version of the previous model.

- The filtration system is very affordable in size/quality.

- Low maintenance cost.

- Available with nominal filtration flow rates of 50 l/min

- Included a magnetic bar to remove magnetic particles before the filtering process, thus increasing filter cartridge lifetime.

- Customers can now use high quality sharpening oils such as our SintoCut PRO MD synthetic oil: combined with our filter systems, they will never have to change the oil again, they will simply have to refill the oil lost during normal work.

- The useful life of the grinding wheel increases up to 4 times.

- The surface roughness of the cutting tools is improved, especially when dealing with a hard material such as tungsten carbide. This makes your tools more competitive.

Filtration flow rate up to 50l/min.
Filtration quality up to 2µm
Connection to the sharpening machine Return to filter by gravity. 2" filter inlet. Sending coolant through the own pump of the grinder installed in the filter. Optional it can include its own pump to send the coolant to the grinding machine autonomously

Optional accesories

- Clean coolant pump: To pump the filtered coolant to the grinding machines with the filter pump instead of the grinding machine pump.

Dimensions and weight

Model Size Weight
FILTRAmaq SOLO 900 x 620 x 650 mm. 75 Kg. In running order


- High quality 2 µm filtration

- Gravity refrigerant return system: Energy savings of up to 50% due to the fact that a return booster pump is not necessary

- Dirty coolant pre-cleaning system using powerful neodymium magnets coated in stainless steel, very quick and easy to clean.

- Possibility of filtering more than one machine with the aditional optional pump.

- Filtering flow: up to 50 liters per minute

- Grinding accuracy is improved: by filtering and cooling/heating the coolant, tolerances due to thermal expansion are eliminated

- Compact machine shape ideal for placement between machines


Standard system with filtering pump.

The coolant enters the filtering system by gravity. The clean coolant is pumped again to the grinding machine with its own pump.

Optional system with filtering pump and clean coolant pump

The coolant enters the filtering system by gravity. The clean coolant is pumped to the machines with the filtering system second pump.

Ideal for example to filter several machines with one filter.

Detail of dirty coolant inlet: via a 2" female conector.

Control panel with switch ON/OFF button.