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Automatic band saw sharpening machine for all tooth shapes.

For sharpening steel, bimetal or carbide tipped saws.

Enables automatic grinding of band saw blades with a width of 5 to 100 mm (0,2" to 3,9") by means of its 3-axis CNC system.

The ELITE SC PRO model is our most advanced bandsaw sharpening machine that allows sharpening of almost all types of band saws up to 100 mm wide, including bimetal and carbide tipped band saws.

Thanks to its programmable panel, it is very easy to make bimetal saws with variable pitch or even program your own tooth profile in steel saws in a few simple steps. The programming of the grinding cycle is very simple, due to the intuitive system in which several parameters can be configured by means of a single button.

In addition, the design of the machine, completely enclosed, allows to work without noise or splatter produced by the refrigeration.

Cabin in stainless steel, to avoid the corrosion produced when sharpening with cooling.

Easy placement of the band saw. The simple opening system does not take up space on the cabin, which makes it possible to assemble band saws with very little development and also by a very simple positioning due to the easy access.

Band saw width from 5 to 100 mm (0,19" to 3,9")
Band saw thickness Up to 3 mm (0,12")
Tooth pitch from 3 to 50 mm (0,12" to 1,96")
Tooth profile Triangular, curved, bimetallic or carbide tipped teeth.
Grinding wheel speed By speed variator, adjustable from 3.000 to 8.000 rpm.
Grinding wheel motor 2,2 kW
Lubrication system centralized
LCD screen for automatic work cycle programming

Technical data

Available versions

Model Packing size Weight
SC PRO 1200 x 1000 x 1700 mm 470 Kg


- Programmable control panel with LCD display for easy and intuitive use at the press of a button

- Very robust mechanics for a long machine life

- Cabin door made of stainless steel to prevent rust

- Centralized lubrication system

- Wheels and arms to hold long bandsaws

- Silent, vibration-free head

- It allows the sharpening of band saw blades with profiles for both metal and wood, bimetal and carbide band saws

Automatic band saw sharpening machine ELITE SC PRO leaflet


Control panel integrated in the cabin. You can create and edit programs with the top view of the teeth to be sharpened, for easier adjustment.

Full stainless steel cabin on the automatic band saw sharpening machine ELITE SC PRO
Easy placement of the band saw on the band saw sharpening machine ELITE SC PRO
Control panel with LCD screen to adjust the working programs on the band saw sharpening machine ELITE SC PRO
The automatic band saw sharpening ELITE SC PRO can sharp all tooth profiles

With the programmable CNC panel we can perform programs and store them in memory for later use. It can be sharpened the following tooth profile: straight, straight spaced, curve, curve spaced, bimetalic and carbide tipped teeth.

CNC bandsaws sharpening machine ELITE SC PRO

Bimetal teeth