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We reserve the right to make design changes in the interest of technical progress.






Face grinding on TCT circular saw blade on Elite MD
TCT circular saw blades sharpenining machine

Automatic and economic carbide tipped circular saws sharpening machine.

Face and top grinding on saw blades from 100 to 650 mm.

ELITE MD is our automatic, compact and economic machine for sharpening carbide tipped circular saws that allows to sharp all geometries of the top and face of teeth in circular saws from 100 to 650 mm. diameter.

Automatic sharpening is possible by programming a LCD panel.

The speed of sharpening is adjustable.

Face grinding.

Top grinding.

Collection tray for coolant.

Saw blade diameters from 100 to 650 mm (from 4" a to 25,5")
LCD display with a very easy programming system.
Top and face grinding of the circular saw blade tooth as the back off.
Top profile flat, alternate, trapezoidal and all its combinations.
Face profile flat, alternate
Tooth pitch Up to 100 mm

Technical data

Optional accesories

- Refrigeration system. Includes tray, coolant tank and pump

- Hollow face grinding system, includes high speed spindle at 24.000 RPM

- Increased the maximum diameter of the saw to 750 mm. (29,5”)

Available versions

Model Packing size Weight
MD 1250 x 850 x 1600 mm. 340 Kg.
MD Hollow facee 1250 x 850 x 1600 mm. 360 Kg.


- Efficient and fast top and face grinding thanks to its infinitely regulable infeed speed

- All tooth profile can be sharpened

- Easy to use: suitable for both professional to beginners workshop operators

- Its design enables fault free, low maintenance for long

TCT sharpening machine ELITE MD leaflet


Face grinding on TCT circular saw blade on Elite MD
Collection tray for residual water if equipped with the cooling equipment on Elite MD
The cooling in the circular saw improves the sharpening quality. Optionally available on Elite MD

Circular saw blade refrigeration. The machine can be optionally equipped with refrigeration system which includes tray, coolant tank and pump.

Top grinding profiles on TCT sharpening machine ELITE MD



Face grinding profiles on TCT sharpening machine ELITE MD
LCD display to program grinding process on ELITE MD

LCD display with an easy programming of grinding process.

Grinding with coolant

Hollow teeth grinding

Machine concept