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We reserve the right to make design changes in the interest of technical progress.





Drill sharpening machine from ø1 to ø20 mm.

2, 3 or 4 cuts to the right and left.

Sharp and precise sharpening of drills.

The machine incorporates a practical magnifying glass to check the wear of the drill and the result of the sharpening without having to disassemble the bit of the machine.

The Elite model B-20 allows fast and precise sharpening of the drills.

The machine is fitted as standard with a practical magnifying glass to check the wear of the drill and the grinding result without having to remove the drill from the machine.

The sharpening load is regulated with the front knob to obtain an even and precise load.

If the drill needs to be centred with the grinding wheel, the side knob is used.

The base of the machine incorporates a template with the standard degrees of the drills already marked, so that it is very easy to obtain the correct degrees.

View of the drill bit

Magnifier glass for quality work

Sharpening capacity from ø1 to ø20 mm. (0,039" to 0,78")
Type of drills 2-3 and 4-blade drills for wood or steel, right and left
Connection voltage 110/220 V. single phase

Technical data

Optional accesories

- 3 cuts adaptor

- Morse taper 1 short drills holder

- Morse taper 2 short drills holder

- Standard corundum grinding wheel

- Diamond grinding wheel

- CBN Grinding wheel

Available versions

Model Size Weight
B 20 370 x 310 x 260 mm 32 Kg


- Front adjustment of the grinding load with precision grinder

- Lateral adjustment for the centering of the edge of the bit with respect to the grinding wheel

-Built-in magnifying glass to chechk the required sharpening load with respect to the wear of the bit, and the final result of the sharpening without the need to disassemble the bit

- For drills with left or right cut

- Diameter of the drill bits:ø1 to ø 20 mm

- Corundum grinding wheel of ø125 x 20 x 20 mm. Included


Side view

Drills sharpening machine ELITE B 20 up to ø20 mm
View of the drill bit on the drills grinding machine ELITE B 20
The ELITE B 20 drills grinding machine equipes a magnifying glass for precision work
Side view of the drills grinding machine ELITE B 20

Working concept