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We reserve the right to make design changes in the interest of technical progress.





Knives sharpening machine with high grinding capacity.

Capacity up to 1230 / 2500 mm. length

Automatic machine, simple compact and economic.

It requires a low maintenance.

The Elite model CU mini 1200 and CU mini 2500 are our smallest grinding machines for knives sharpening, which allow to sharpen knives up to 2500 mm long, with high standards.

Fully automatic, simple, compact and economical machine that requires a low maintenance.

With its powerful grinding motor and its vibration free system, it allows a good surface finish with good grinding times.

We have analyzed the work cycle of a sharpening workshop to optimize the use of the machine. The result is a control panel with just the right buttons, but inside there is a powerful PLC, so that the cycle of sharpness is automatic and of quality.

Once the grinding cycle is completed, you can select to activate the finishing cycle to obtain the highest quality and minimum surface roughness of the part.

Grinding wheel motor power 3 HP for 50Hz - 4 HP for 60 Hz version. Direct drive.
Grinding wheel diameter 150 mm.
Carriage speed from 1 to 15 m/min.
Max. distance between grinding wheel and chuck 95 mm.
Magnetic chuck as standard
Coolant tank 90 liters
Max. connected power 5 kW

Technical data

Optional accesories

- Magnetic chuck with fixed polarity for tungsten carbide inserts.

- Independent coolant tank

Available versions

Model Size Weight
CU mini 1200 2200 x 650 x 1500 mm. 500 Kg.
CU mini 2500 3700 x 650 x 1500 mm. 700 Kg


- Very easy to use and maintain.

- Carriage movement free of vibrations.

- Guiding system that absorbs vibrations produced during grinding.

- High power of the grinding wheel motor: 3 HP for 50Hz versions, 4 HP for 60Hz versions.

- Control panel with automatic vertical movement of the grinding wheel.

- Adjustable carriage travel.

- Programable working cycle via 3 adjusting knobs.


Economical knives sharpening machines for the grinding shop ELITE CU mini




Clean and sleek design for and easy to use so as easy maintanance

Control panel to program:

- Total infeed

- Partial infeed

- Spark out time

Grinding carriage translated by a poweful motor with worm reducer

ELITE CU mini 1200