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We reserve the right to make design changes in the interest of technical progress.





The smallest universal sharpener in our range.

A solid structure that allows a great variety of accessories for the most varied jobs.

Its only limitation is the small size of the table.

The Elite mini is the simple and effective universal tool sharpening machine.

The smallest universal sharpener in our range. They allow a multitude of different grinding jobs according to the different accessories included with the machine.

A solid and stable structure allows for high precision sharpening of wood cutting tools.

It is a simple, low-maintenance grinder. And also the best seller.

With it we can expect precision in the field of hundredths of a millimeter.

Workhead MT-4

Grinding wheel motor power 0,33 CV
Grinding wheel rotating speed 2900 RPM
Grinding wheel diameter Up to ø125 mm
Work table size 470 x 133 mm
Longitudinal worktable travel 320 mm
Transversal worktable travel 140 mm
Vertical travel 190 mm
Vertical rotation grinding wheel spindle from +40º to -40º
Spindle horizontal rotation 180º
Horizontal rotation grinding wheel spindle from +50º to -50º

Technical data

Optional accesories

- Workhead MT-4

- Set of right and left adjustable tailstocks

- Motorized workhead for cylindric sharpening works

- Tooth rest with articulated pawl for helical drills or saw blades

- Lathe tools and knives holder (MT-4)

- Cooling equipment, includes: Tank, pump, hoses and water collecting tray

- MT-4 Selfcentering chuck up to 30 mm diameter

- Diamond dressing unit

- MT-4 collet holder with a set of 6 collets from 6 to 20 mm diameter

Available versions

Model Packing size Packing weight
ELITE mini 1100x750x950 mm 265 Kg.


- Quiet head with no vibration and great solidity

- Grinding with 125 mm diameter wheels

- Grinding wheel motor with spindle

- The X (table translation), Y (depth) and Z (vertical) axes move on dovetail guides

- Robust mechanics for a long life of the machine.


Drills grinding device for drills with diameters MT-3, 2, 1 and diameter up to 20 mm.

Economical universal tool and cutter machine ELITE mini
drills grinding device, as an option, on the universal cutter grinding machine ELITE mini
Workhead MT-4, as an option, on the universal tool and cutter grinding machine ELITE mini

Working example

ELITE mini