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The band welding machine for the workshop that needs to weld with the "butt welding" system saws of considerable width from 20 up to 60 mm (0,79" up to 2-1/3")

The Elite SOLDAmaq 60 is our bandsaw welding "Push and Go": Just follow the welding parameters we provide you with depending on the thickness and width of the saw, close the saw clamping jaws and push the welding button.

For fast, economical and durable welding of the band saw, ELITE has 4 models of steel band saw welders according to the width we need.

It allows to do both the welding and the annealing of the band saw in one single clamping and without adding any additional material or flux.

The SOLDAmaq EC deburring machine can be used to remove the welding seam.

Can be optionally equipped with SOLDAmaq EC deburring machine, for removal of the weld burr

Steel bandsaw width from 20 to 60 mm. (0,79″ to 2-1/3″)
Bandsaw thickness from 0,6 to 1,2 mm. (0,023″ to 0,047″)
Installed power 6,5 kW

Technical data

Available versions

Model Packing size Packing weight
SOLDAmaq 60 600 x 800 x 500 mm 72 Kg.


- Greater sensitivity in the welding and annealing of thin bands of the stainless steel and bimetal band saw, without additional flux and in a few seconds

- Electronic current control

- Electronic annealing current

- Cutting shear included


Welding machine for carpentry bandsaws ELITE SOLDAmaq 60