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SOLDAmaq PRO 40 - User manual


Congratulations on your purchase of the ELITE SOLDAmaq PRO 40 welding machine for stainless steel and bimetal band saw.

Read this guide before you start.

The ELITE SOLDAmaq is a band saw welding machine that allows a durable and fast welding of the bands as well as the subsequent annealing so that the weld point acquires the same properties and hardness as the rest of the band.

This manual introduces you to the main functions of the welder in order to avoid risks to your health or that may cause a breakdown or premature wear of the machine.

In case of any doubt, please contact us directly or one of our authorized distributors.

Informative Note: The use described in the manual of this welder may present some variations in use since our machinery is subject to possible constructive modifications, depending on the incorporation of technological advances in our welding equipment.


2.1.Safety rules

Carefully observe and apply the following safety rules, non-observance of these rules may cause personal injury or damage to the machine itself.

The installation and maintenance of the machine described in this manual must be carried out only by operators who are familiar with its operation and have sufficient technical knowledge.

The ELITE welding machine SOLDAmaq PRO 40 has been designed for the sharpening of stainless steel and bimetal band saw, excluding any other type of operation.













These warnings do not include all possible risks that improper use of the machine could cause. For this reason, the operator must proceed with prudence and observing the rules.

2.2.Use and storage of the instruction manual

This instruction manual must be read and understood by all personnel who come into contact with the machine.

This manual is for:

  • Indicate the correct use of the machine according to the type of work to be carried out.
  • Provide the necessary instructions for the transport, adjustment and maintenance of the machine.
  • Facilitate the ordering of spare parts and information of risks.

Limits of use of the manual:
The machine is intended for professional use and therefore the experience of the operator is required and of vital importance.

Importance and conservation of the manual:
This manual must be considered part of the machine and must therefore be attached to it until the end of its use.

Additional information and clarifications:
The user, owner or maintenance person can contact the manufacturer to request any additional information on the use of the machine and possible modalities for maintenance and repair intervention.

Expiration of responsibility:
The manufacturer is considered exempt from any liability in the event of:

  • Improper use of the machine
  • Use of the machine by untrained persons
  • Serious failures in scheduled maintenance
  • Unauthorized interventions or modifications
  • Use of non-original spare parts.

2.3.Declaration of conformity

The company hereby:
Elite Sharpening Machines, SLU
Joan Oró, 27
ES-08635 Sant Esteve Sesrovires

Declares that the product indicated below, based on its conception and construction, as well as the version put on the market by our company, complies with the mandatory basic health and safety requirements of the CE directive.

This declaration loses its validity in the event of unauthorized modifications to the product.

Product name: ELITE model SOLDAmaq PRO 40
Product type: Stainless steel and bimetal band saw weldering machine
Serial No.: __

EC Directive Competences:

  • EC Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC)
  • European directive on electromagnetic compatibility (2014/30/EU)
  • The protection purposes of the CE low voltage directive (2006/95/CE) were fulfilled according to annex I, nr. 1.5.1 of the machinery directive 2006/42/EC

The technical documentation was compiled by legal representative of the documentation:

Sergi Valls Gramunt
Joan Oró, 27
ES-08635 Sant Esteve Sesrovires

Date / manufacturer - Signature: __
Signatory data: Sergi Valls Gramunt, manager


In the following information table, find the list of technical specifications of the welders described in this manual.

Steel bandsaw widthFrom 10 to 40 mm (0.39" to 1-1/2")
Bimetal bandsaw widthFrom 10 to 27 mm (0.39" to 1")
Bandsaw thicknessFrom 0.5 to 1.2 mm. (0.02" to 0.063")
Steel band saws cross section36 mm2
Bimetal band saws cross section24 mm2
Installed power6.5 kW

We recommend using the ELITE deburring machine model SOLDAmaq EC for quick removal of the weld seam.


The ELITE SOLDAmaq PRO 40 is delivered packed in a wooden box.

During all transport and transfer, the machine must be kept in its original vertical position, any variation in this position may lead to the loss of the guarantee.

ModelPacking SizeWeight
SOLDAmaq PRO 40710 x 710 x 1000 mm.103 Kg.

4.1.Unpacking and assembly instructions

The packaging is fixed to the pallet with fixing stops. Remove them before attempting to move it.

To remove the machine from its packaging, first remove the shears (blue arrow), and then remove the wooden blocking pieces (red arrows).


5.1.Machine placement

Before any work, make sure that the machine is well aligned and does not oscillate at any of its ends, in which case it must be shod to prevent movement. For its correct leveling it is necessary to use a leveling tool. This control must be carried out both longitudinally and transversally.

A poor leveling of the machine can cause unwanted vibrations and premature wear of the linear guides.

ATTENTION: The machine must not be used under any circumstances by unqualified or unauthorized personnel.

5.2.Electrical connection



SOLDAmaq welding machines must be strictly connected to the voltage indicated in the machine order and on the machine itself. The connection to a voltage other than that indicated may cause a breakdown in the machine and represents a risk for people who use the machine.

For its connection to the electrical network, the machine requires, two phases and the ground connection.

This installation must be carried out by qualified technical personnel and checked with a voltage meter before turning on the machine.

It is absolutely essential that the cross-section of the connection cable is as required, that the machine has a dedicated socket protected against overloads and that it is as close as possible to the socket.

In case of an inadequate section of the cable, not enough current will reach the machine at the time of welding, causing a defective and extremely fragile weld. This is one of the most important points since a very high number of possible welding problems is due to this problem.

We reject any responsibility for a wrong connection.

Once the connection has been made and checked, turn the main ON/OFF switch to the ON position.
Check before start-up that the soldering iron voltmeter indicator is at the selected voltage value with a difference of no more than 5%, and that this value is stable.

5.3.Main components of the machine



A: Welding / annealing selector
B: Welding scale selector
C: Annealing temperature potentiometer
D: Welding - annealing position button
E: Welding button
F: Heading pressure knob
G. Current disconnection selector
H: Welding current selector
I: Main switch


In this section we show you how to operate the ELITE SOLDAmaq to make it work.

NOTE: The data that appears in the different images are by way of example, each type of tool has its recommended data and an expert operator should know them.

DANGER: never manipulate the buttons on the control panel while performing maintenance on the machine: danger of very serious injury. It is strongly recommended to switch off and disconnect the machine from the mains when working inside it.


6.1. Power on the machine

The SOLDAmaq welding machine has been designed for for stainless steel and bimetal band saw with the maximum dimensions described above in the technical characteristics.

The machine is built from welded and machined parts.

6.1.1.Power on

After ignition, a warning light on the control panel lights up. This lamp indicates that the welding process can be started.

6.1.2.Electrical connection

The ELITE model SOLDAmaq welders must be strictly connected to the voltage indicated in the machine order and on the machine itself. The connection to a voltage other than that indicated may cause a breakdown in the machine and represents a risk for people who use the machine.

This installation must be carried out by qualified technical personnel and checked with a voltage meter before turning on the machine.

It is absolutely essential that the cross-section of the connection cable is as required, that the machine has a dedicated outlet and is protected against overloads and shunts, and that it is as close as possible to the electrical outlet.

We reject any responsibility for a wrong connection.

Once the connection has been made and checked, turn the main ON/OFF switch to the ON position.

ELITE Sharpening Machines, rejects all responsibility for a wrong connection, which in addition to causing a malfunction of the machine can harm people, animals, material objects.


7.1.Cutting of the blade

To obtain the best result, before welding the band must be prepared following this procedure.

Clean the two extremities of the band (7-8 cm), removing oil and rust (use an abrasive cloth). The blue patina that covers a lot of types of metal cutting bandsaw for metals must be removed too.

Cut the band: if necessary, regulate the shear in order to obtain a perfect right-angle cut (90°).


Remove residual parts of the tooth:

Cutting ok:

Take into account the material that will be melted during the welding operation: remove all the residual parts of teeth from the welding surface.

IMPORTANT: Periodically make sure that the blades of the shear are well sharpened.

7.2.Preparation for welding

The machine must be prearranged according to the width and thickness of the band. Each blade has its own set of values (see table that you can find after the “setting operation” section).

  • Select “welding operation” with selector A (see figure on section 5.3)

Regulate the scale using the scale selector 1 or 2 (welding scale selector B, (see figure on section 5.3) (see the parameter on table on section 7.4)

Scale 1 for thin bandsaws and scale 2 for thicker bandsaws:

  • Push the bottom D (see figure on section 5.3)

WARNING: the carriage automatically will position on scale 1 or scale 2, according to your choice. Before pushing botton D, open the clamp (If the clamp are close the carriage don’t moved).

ATTENTION: Before starting, make sure that you are choosing the right scale.

  • Regulate the welding current from 1 to 7 (selector H)

Welding current selector:

The current strength depends on the width and thickness of the blade. For small size blades chose low welding current (1 – 4); for thicker blades choose high welding current (5 - 7) (see the table on section 7.4).

  • Regulate the pressure of heading from 1 to 4 (see the table on section 7.4).

Pressure of heading knob:
Also the pressure of heading depends on the blade dimensions: it must increase according to the increasing of the blade dimensions.

  • Regulate the current disconnection with the selector G (see the table on section 7.4)

Current disconnection selector:

7.3.Welding operation

Put the two butts of the blade in the middle between the two clamps, block them using levers.
You will obtain the blades alignment on the front side of the clamps against the special knobs. Lodge the teeth in the special groves of the clamps.

Insert the blade. Position the 2 butts in the middle between the clamps, close the pressor:

The machine can be positioned either on a bench or on a carriage: the only thing to remember is that the blade that you are welding must not be in contact with any of their metallic parts, in order to avoid a wrong operation.

Now you can weld: you are requested to go away from the clamps and to pay attention in order to avoid the spark jet.

Close the security protection. If the protection is open the machine don’t weld.

Press the welding push-button E (figure on section 5.3); the machine automatically stops welding (see figure hereunder).

ATENTION: Welding spartks. Stand back from the welding area


The welding cycle is automatic.

IMPORTANT: Open the clamps, remove the blade, clean the clamps using compressed air and after clean again with a cloth.

7.4.Technical working characteristics

Max blade width: 40 mm

Wood cutting bandsaws10 - 40 mm
Metal cutting bandsaws10 - 27 mm
Stainless steel10 - 25 mm
Chamfered bandsaws10 - 32 mm

Rough values (steel bandsaws)

6 x 0,610 - 0,31 -20 - 2
9 x 0,610,320 - 2
15 x 0,510,42 - 32 - 3
16 x 0,510,432 - 4
19 x 0,410,532 - 4
20 x 0,510,532 - 4
25 x 0,610,84 - 54 - 5
25 x 0,9214 - 54 - 5
30 x 0,62154 - 5
34 x 0721,266 - 8
40 x 0,921,577

Rough values (bimetal bandsaws)

6 x 0,720,42 - 34
8 x 0,720,534 - 5
12 x 0,920,644 - 5
16 x 120,854 - 5
20 x 0,92154 - 5
27 x 0,921,565 - 6

NOTE: These values can change according to the blade material.

7.5. Annealing

After welding, annealing is always required.

  • Select “annealing operation” with selector A
  • Push the bottom D (the machine move the clamp in the annealing position) (it’s important open the clamp before push the button)

The annealing temperature, readable through the colour, depends on the chemical composition of the blade figure%2014
Align the weld bead between the 2 pressers

After placing the weld bead in the middle between the two clamps block it.

Rotate potentiometer C (see picture on section 5.3) “Annealing temperature” gradually increasing the temperature. Follow the annealing process and, once the desired results have been obtained, set temperature to 0.

Heating, and consequently the hue of the bandsaw, must start from the centre (weld bead) of the bandsaw, and spread towards the pressers. Otherwise, regulate alignment of the plates (see section 7.6)

Remove the weld bead by means of a file or a grinder. Remember that for this operation we produce the specila deburring machine ELITE SOLDAmaq EC


7.6. Problems and solutions

In case of problems, read this section. Problems can be solved acting on different values:

• Check that the machine is perfectly connected with only two phases of the three-phase electric network;

• If you are using the right values, but you do not obtain a correct welding operation, control the upper and lower plates: they must be perfectly aligned and integral. Insert a piece of band in the clamps and lock them: by means of an annealing operation verify how the heat spreads. As the current flows the band colours: the colour must spread towards the pressors, starting from the middle of the blade. If the colour does not spread in a homogeneous way, it means that the plates are not aligned correctly: you must regulate their pressure on the blade (see the following pictures under here).

Correct annealing:

Incorrect annealing:

Solution: Align the plates using the adjusting screws: start from the eccentric adjusting screws. If necessary, you can grind the plates


• Annealing is a delicate operation. Its result depends on: 1) the perfect condition of the plates 2) the pressers and their pressure on the blade 3) the chemical composition of the blade;

Solution: test different annealing temperatures, reaching different colours of the band.

• If during welding operation the two butts of the blade join but are superimposed, it means that the welding current is too low and the pressure of heading is too high (see fig. 23 under here);

Wrong weld bead: the 2 butts are superimposed


Solution: Increase the current and/or decrease the pressure of heading;

• If during welding operation the two edges find it difficult to join and aim to repel each other, it means that the current strength is too high and the pressure of heading is too low;

Wrong weld bead: there are some holes

Solution: decrease the current and/or increase the pressure of heading;

7.7. Technical assistance service

At ELITE we try to satisfy our customers through reliable and easy-to-use products. However, if you experience any incident while using the machine, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible directly or through our authorized distributors, who will assist you, if available in your country, with better proximity and professionalism.

We wish you to enjoy this product for many years, please: when the useful life of the soldering iron ends, dispose of it correctly to the necessary organisms for its correct disposal and recycling.


8.1.Preventive maintenance

Maintenance of SOLDAmaq welders is very simple. It consists of the following:

Use the equipment only in dry environments. The temperature must be between 5 and 40ºC. A relative humidity greater than 90%, as well as a saline environment, would cause premature corrosion of the machine.

The blade supports require to be always perfectly cleaned: use compressed air after each welding operation. Clean well under clamps removing residual material.

Because of the ponderous working rate, the brass plate may need to be ground (where they support the blade).


9.1.SOLDAmaq PRO 40 Lower Plates

9.2.SOLDAmaq PRO 40 Upper Plates


All our machines are tested before being shipped. However, there can always be defects that are not observable at first sight.

Our machines are guaranteed against manufacturing or material defects under normal use and maintenance conditions.
The period of this guarantee is 12 months from the date of purchase and consists of the replacement of defective material.

The guarantee will be automatically canceled in the event of a modification outside our company. Or in manifest cases of misuse of the machine.

The guarantee does not include parts subject to normal wear due to use such as skids, lubrication cartridge, abrasives, etc.



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