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1895 – Foundation of the ELITE brand for the production of motor pumps for wine and water.

1920 – Production of the first sharpening machine begins, the ELITE model AR3-B

1930 – Given the success and market demand, the range is expanded to the ELITE AR3-C, AR4-W models for lathe and milling tools. These machines already equip a diamond grinding wheel to be able to sharpen the new tools with a tungsten carbide plate (widia).

1945 – What will be the most recognized sharpener of the ELITE brand, the AR5 series, is created. First with the AR5-B and AR5-C model, which were the woodworking versions of the sharpener.


1947 – The generational change causes the founder to leave control of the company to his son.

1954 – The ELITE model AR6-W is born, a version of the already popular sharpener for jewelry tools. Currently there are still models of this sharpener in operation.

1964 – The AR5-E and AR5-ET models come onto the market, which is the long table version of the AR5-E. More than 12,000 units of these two models have been produced and distributed throughout the world.

1970 – Creation of the ELITE 70 model, considered by many the most recognized precision version of the brand at that time and which is still in operation in many workshops. This model took as a reference source the German universal sharpeners and, more specifically, those of the Strausak brand.
More than 1,300 units are produced. Today, the ELITE 70 model remains in production through a thorough update of the machine that incorporates the latest market trends in linear guides and motorizations.


1972 – Series of 40 units of the ELITE AR5 model are produced per month as well as other models, reaching 500 machines built per year with a staff of 60 workers.

1975 - Creation of the ELITE 75 model: a simplified version to reduce costs of the ELITE model 70. The ELITE model 75 is intended for the wood tool market due to its greater lightness and versatility. While the ELITE 70 model is intended for sharpening metal tools.


1980 - ELITE begins to manufacture the Unilapp 1 and Unilapp 2 models in series of 20 machines for the German firm Vollmer Dornhan.

1981 - ELITE begins to manufacture universal sharpeners for the Swiss company Schneeberger.

1982 – Creation of the ELITE AR5-FE, which is an update of the ELITE AR5-ET model with ball guides and ball screw. And later with roller bearings on the table.

1983 – Due to the growing demands for innovation in the sharpening machine market, the ELITE 70 CNC2 model was created, with two numerical control axes with Tcomp, Fagor or Siemens controls, depending on the market they are aimed at. .

1984 – Due to an illness of the owner, he decided to close the group's companies, which apart from the ELITE brand company were the companies: Oasis, Muebles de tube, Adolfo Ventosa, Caroni. ELITE avoids closure due to the special affection that the owner has for the company. However, there is a change in the company's management.

1989 – The new ELITE 92 is introduced into the market, already with linear guides with recirculating balls, ball screws in the 3 axes (X, Y, Z). This machine was widely accepted in the market and was in high demand.


1990 – There is a change in the management of the company: Mr. Joan Valls takes over as manager and, in 1991, he purchases it.

1992 – The first prototypes of sharpeners for circular saws with tungsten carbide (widia) teeth are made. 3 units of the sharpener are made. But these do not go forward to production.

1995 – Creation of the ELITE 95 model, which is a lower cost version of the ELITE AR5-FE sharpener.

1995 – The last series of the AR5-FE and ELITE 70 models are produced due to the decrease in market demand for these sharpeners, in favor of the growing demand for CNC sharpeners.

2008 – Mr. Sergi Valls, current CEO of the company, assumes the new management of the company and, with him, ELITE resumes its production. The company's focus leaves behind specialization in the manufacture of universal sharpeners and positions itself as a global provider of solutions for sharpening cutting tools.

2008 – Given the problem of cleaning cutting tools using ultrasound or manually, which is slow, expensive and polluting, a range of machines is created for cleaning tools: the ELITE model LAVAmaq.

2009 – Given the need to provide standard quality and a machine that works the same throughout the world, ELITE begins to design its own abrasives for its machines. In this way, ELITE ensures that it delivers a sharpener that the customer can handle just as it was designed.

2010 – Given the need to find a system to control the CNC axes of our machines, the design of our own CNC system began: Workduino. PLC systems are too slow and simple, and CNC systems are adapted for 5-axis grinders or mills and lathes, so they are not a viable alternative to creating a grinder.
The design and production is carried out to this day in ELITE's own factory, in Spain.

2011 – Given the increasing needs for reuse and recycling caused by stricter ecological regulations, and the increase in sharpening consumables, the first filtration system for sharpening coolant is created. The ELITE model FILTRAmaq is born.

2012 – Given the success of the filtration systems, the product is diversified into two additional models, the FILTRAmaq mini, to filter only one sharpening machine, and the FILTRAmaq PRO, a centralized filtration system to connect various machines that also allows cooling of the filtered liquid to the desired temperature.

2012 – Update of the old ELITE access range universal sharpener mini model: a versatile and simple sharpener.

2013 – Creation of our first blade sharpener. The ELITE CU PRO model for sharpening and manufacturing blades.

12-2013 – First foray into sharpening circular saws with tungsten carbide (widia) teeth. The first ELITE model MD 650 is born.

02-2014 – One of the biggest challenges: updating the legendary model ELITE 70. With the new design, the weight of the machine increases by 100 kg, and its modular design allows, among other modular adaptations, the construction of sharpening with a manual table with toothed belt or ball screw movement and the adaptation of the sharpener as a grinding machine. .

04-2014 – ELITE model SC PRO, for sharpening the narrow band saw with 3 CNC axes: allows the programming of the tooth type in straight and curved teeth, in addition to the sharpening of bimetal and tungsten carbide teeth (widia).

09-2014 – Creation of the first circular blade sharpener: the ELITE CC model.

10-2014 – The new ELITE CC PRO is released, the older sister of the CC model that allows for more automated sharpening of circular blades.

12-2014 – Creation of the new CCT model that allows bevel blades to be sharpened with a tangential grinding system, more suitable for certain types of surface finishes of the cutting edge.

2015 – ELITE model MD CNC2, is a version of the MD model but with two automated axes that allow sharpening of the trapezoid tooth in a single turn.

04-2015 – In order to have a sharpener more suitable for the sharpener who does not need as much power to make blades, the ELITE CU model is created.

2016 – Sharpener update ELITE 92. The new model is more versatile and adapted to the use of tools for cutting wood.

07-2017 – Modification of the model CU PRO through the new CU PRO BELL HEAD model, created especially for sharpening the serrated blades for the crushing mills in recycling plants.

10-2019 – The ELITE 92 is modified to have CNC axes. The ELITE 92 CNC is born, now with a design with a full cabin or half cabin.

07-2020 – The ELITE model MVB 850 is born for removing the undercut of circular saws and at the same time sharpening the face and back into teeth flat.
ELITE focuses on creating a new range of sharpeners for circular saws. To do this, a new modular design is created. The MVB 850 is the reference on which all the various models that will be released in the coming years will be based.


08-2020 – In order to meet the needs of an important client, a simpler blade sharpener is created but with high motor power. The ELITE model CU mini 1200 is born.

09-2021 – ELITE model SVG 850 is born, circular saw sharpener with carbide tooth, allows sharpening of the trapezoid-flat tooth in a single turn. Its sharpening system is with the tangential grinding wheel just like the Akemat or Walter sharpeners do.

10-2021 – The ELITE model GBT 850 mono is manufactured, a side flank grinder for circular saws with carbide teeth. The manual system with a single wheel is the first to hit the market. Its simplicity and greater sophistication than all manual systems on the market make the difference.

02-2022 – The ELITE model GBT 850 DUO goes on sale: with double grinding wheel and automated for automatic grinding of the two sides of the mountain range. This machine already has 4 CNC axes.


05-2022 – The ELITE FILTRAmaq PRO, the centralized filtration system for several machines, is renewed to adapt it to new machinery trends. It is now more powerful, versatile and easier to install.

08-2022 – Given the success of the renewal of the FILTRAmaq PRO, now it is the turn of renewal of the range of filtration systems for a single machine. The models FILTRAmaq SOLO and FILTRAmaq UNO are born, replacing the previous FILTRAmaq MD and FILTRAmaq mini.


10-2022 – The CC model is updated following the design of the new range created for sharpening saws. The ELITE model JVC 800 is born, for sharpening circular blades. It now has a powerful 3 HP motor. Suitable for both manufacturing and sharpening.

06-2023 – Creation of our new machinery control system through a color touch screen. Its first implementation is in the ELITE model CU PRO.


09-2023 – The ELITE model SSC 300 is manufactured, the first flank grinding machine for band saws with stellite or carbide teeth and with an integral cabin. For this, a new comfortable circular cabin system is designed, very easy to use and adapted to the peculiarities of the band saw.

02-2024 – The range of circular saw sharpeners is updated with two new cabins: full cabin and half cabin. The new fully closed cabin now has an integrated control panel and optimal ergonomics both in handling the machine and for its maintenance. The second half-cab version is intended to obtain a more economical version of the machine but with the same functionality.

12-2024 – The range of sharpeners for circular saws with carbide teeth concludes with the ELITE model AVB 850, our best and most Quick sharpener for saws with carbide teeth with a flat grinding wheel sharpening system.


And we continue to improve every day to adapt to the needs of the market and satisfy the demands of our customers!

Curiosity: During all these years, the ELITE logo has remained almost unchanged. Today the firm uses the originally created logo.