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ELITE Days! Visit our facilities and discover our sharpening solutions for your workshop

From October 18 to 21, don't miss ELITE Days at our Barcelona facilities!
Come visit us and learn about our latest news and innovations in sharpening machinery


From Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21th October, ELITE opens its facilities to all its clients to show them its latest innovations in machinery for sharpening and grinding tools such as band-saws, universal tools and circular saw-blades.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about our:

Solutions for milling cutters and heads

  • ELITE 92 CNC, automatic sharpening machine with numerical control that is very easy to use. Control panel with color screen and up to 4 CNC axes.


Solutions for straight knife sharpening

  • CU PRO: our most advanced grinding machine for the manufacturing and sharpening of knives. It features a direct drive motor which lets you have 20% more engine power compared to other engines that incorporates belt transmission. Its control panel with LCD screen allows you to make and save programs easily. It incorporates a roughing cycle with its carriage speed, a finishing cycle with other parameters and speed, and an end cycle for polishing programmable.


Solutions for sharpening circular saws

  • AVB 850: Our new, faster automatic sharpening machine for the top and front of all common tooth geometries. It incorporates the double grinding wheel system to finish sharpening the top and face of the tooth in a single programming.
  • SVG 850: The sharpener for the top and face of all common tooth geometries.
  • MVB 850: The perfect back-off grinder for removing steel on the back of the tooth. You can also sharpen the face and top of flat teeth.


Solutions for sharpening and maintaining band saws

  • SC 2: Our band saw sharpening machine for spaced triangular and triangular tooth profile that can also sharpen circular steel saw blades from 110 to 600 mm. Placed in vertical, with a bandsaw carrier adjustable according to the length of the saw, saves space in the sharpening workshop. Also available with the automatic bandsaw setting device.
  • SC 3: a band saw sharpening machine multi-profile. It can sharpen a lot of different type of teeth shape allowing the independent adjustments of the feed pitch, of the grinding wheel working depth and of the entry/exit speed. It has different cams for different profiles. Includes a refrigeration equipment.
  • TR 3 AUTO: An economical, durable and low-maintenance setting machines for bands saws with a width of 10 to 80mm. It can be equipped with a motor for automatic operation.


Solutions for repairing circular saws with tungsten carbide teeth

  • SOLDAmaq 1200: Welds and de-welds the carbide tooth using electrical resistance
  • SOLDAmaq HF: Ideal for repairing carbide teeth when the welding volume is high and/or we also want to manufacture saws. It welds by high frequency, which allows much faster soldering and desoldering, with the optional accessory pyrometer sensor you can control the welding temperature
  • GBT 850 mono: Manual operation, with a single grinding wheel, it is the ideal grinding machine for customers who have a sporadic repair of saws.
  • GBT 850 DUO: Our automatic grinding machine with double grinding wheel that allows grinding both sides of the saw blade at the same time.
  • GBT 851 DUO: For those customers with a high volume of saw repairs. It incorporates two additional CNC axis that allow the centering of the cutting angle and axial angle to be automatically done.


Solutions for Band Saw Repair

  • SOLDAmaq 30/40/60: to weld with the butt system for steel band saws
  • SOLDAmaq PRO 40/65 for welding bimetallic materials, stainless steel and steel thanks to its spark welding system. This system allows us to weld more progressively and, therefore, harder materials without requiring so much electrical power.
  • SOLDAmaq EC: to remove the weld seam without overheating the band saw
  • Shears: to cut the band saw at 90º without burrs.


Solutions for sawmill

  • SC 10: the economical bandsaws and circular sawblades sharping machine for sawmills. It can sharpen bandsaws from 20 to 250 mm widh different tooth shapes. Bandsaws can be sharpened up to a length of 12 meters.
  • CH PRO: the fully automatic swaging machine for bandsaws and gangsaws.
  • LM PRO: our economical roller band saw tensioning machine specially designed for tensioning and hardning of band saws. It's equipped with 0,75 kW motor for precise band saw feed.


Solutions to obtain perfectly clean coolant

  • FILTRAmaq UNO: it is our autonomous equipment for the filtration of sharpening coolant up to 2µm, with a nominal filtration flow of up to 50 l/min. Prepared to be installed inside the machines models CU, CU PRO, AVB 850, SVG 850, MVB 850, or GBT 850.
  • FILTRAmaq SOLO: filtration system for a single machine up to 2µm, with a nominal filtration flow rate of up to 50 l/ min. Its compact shape is ideal to be placed between machines, saving workshop space.
  • FILTRAmaq PRO: our most powerful equipment to be connected to up to 5 machines. With nominal filtration flow of up to 200 l/min.


Come meet us. Visit our facilities and the exhibition of our machines. Receive training in its operation, characteristics, maintenance, and let our specialist technicians advise you on which machine best suits your needs to help you in your sharpening business.

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Special prices for the purchase of our solution packages during the event.

For more information about the event and to know which machines will be exhibited, please contact us at ELITE contact