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Sharpening process of TCT circular saws

How to choose the best carbide tooth circular saw sharpener for your business?

Circular saws with carbide teeth are the most used for cutting wood and aluminum.

At ELITE, we have two models that can easily meet the needs of your sharpening business: the SVG 850 and the MD 650. But which one do you need?

The ELITE SVG 850 model is the most advanced. It allows the sharpening of saws with a diameter of ø100 to ø850 mm. In addition, it incorporates refrigeration equipment with a complete cabin to close the work area and prevent it from producing a mist of the refrigerant liquid.

The ELITE MD 650 model is somewhat more manual, it allows sharpening saws with a diameter of ø100 up to ø650 mm. It also incorporates refrigeration equipment, but without a cabin.

Both machines will give you the same level of precision, but the MD 650 model, being less automatic, has slower sharpening. When sharpening straight teeth and the inside or face of the tooth, the MD 650 model is just as fast as the SVG 850. But in more complex sharpening such as alternate teeth or triple-chip teeth,the SVG 850 can be up to 3 times faster than the MD 650 model.

Normally a sharpening of a trapezoidal-flat saw blade with 96 teeth usually takes about 20 minutes on the SVG 850, on the other hand, on the MD 650 model it requires 4 interventions by the operator to adjust the machine, which can mean about 45 minutes of sharpening time.

However, when sharpening circular saws, both the inside of the tooth (face of the tooth) and the outside of the tooth (top of the tooth) must be sharpened. This operation requires two steps: one to adjust the machine to sharpen the face, and another to adjust the machine to sharpen the top.

Generally, what sharpening shops do is sharp the face of all the saw blades they have, then set up the machine to sharp the top of the tooth, and grind all the tops of the saw blades.

This is the most common and fastest system.

And this is where the MD 650 model makes sense: if you are just starting out sharpening saw blades with TCT teeth.

With the MD 650 model you will be able to sharpen all the geometry of the saw blades (flat, alternate, pointed, triple-chip... and their combinations) spending less money than buying the SVG 850 model.

And when your business grows: you can purchase the SVG 850 model, so you will be able to grind the face of the tooth with the MD 650 model and sharpen the top of the tooth with the SVG 850 model. Remember that the MD 650 model is just as fast as the SVG 850 in the sharpening of the inside of the tooth?. In this way, you will double the effective working capacity with a smaller money investment.

Because it is cheaper to buy one MD 650 + SVG 850 than two SVG 850.