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Eccles Saw & Tool expands its sharpening services with ELITE

Eccles Saw & Tool is an American sharpening shop company that offers grinding tools and a full service of sharpening throughout the Tri-State area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky as well as numerous customers throughout the USA. With a high standard of quality sharpening tools, it is very well known for the excellent quality sharpening service.

Eccles Saw & Tools puts their trust in technology from ELITE to sharpen their knives with the CU PRO 4000.

The ELITE CU PRO model series are our most advanced knives grinding machine for the manufacturing and sharpening of straight blades from 1000 to 6120 mm length. It features a grinding head designed to prevent vibrations. It equips a direct drive motor which lets you have 20% more engine power compared to other engines that incorporate belt transmission.

It's new control panel with 10,1" LCD color touch-screen, easy and intuitive to use, which allows you to make and save programs easily. It is perfect for sharpening and manufacturing knives either in series or in a timely manner thanks to its standard production program.

It can be equipped with some additional accessories such as:

  • Additional grinding head for super-finishing of the cutting edge or sharpening of the carbide part of the blade while sharpening the steel at the same time.
  • Filtering system to avoid dirty in the coolant that might negatively affect the grinding surface quality.

We were very glad to Eccles Saw & Tools CEO’s visit, Mr. Mike Hugenberg, to our headquarters to be trained on how to use the ELITE CU PRO 4000. He could also take advantage to discover our new machines and recently innovations like: