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ELITE in Perú

CIPESA is a well-known Peruvian company with 67 years in the steel industry in Peru. Specialist in the water jet technique and heat treatment, it has become a leader in the sector thanks to its cutting-edge technology and its agile and flexible service according to the client's needs.

ELITE collaborates with CIPESA for the supply in Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador of our sharpening machines as well as welding machines, coolant filtration and tool cleaning.

Recently, ELITE representatives traveled to Peru to visit the CIPESA facilities and facilitate the training of their workers in the use of their machinery. Always with the aim of strengthening the relationship and support for our distributors.

In Peru, and thanks to the collaboration of its distributor ASITEC, it has signed a contract with the Peruvian State, through the Technological Institute of Production, to supply equipment to CITE Forestal Pucallpa, which already has ELITE sharpening machines.

For sharpening the face and top of circular saws with carbide teeth, they have the ELITE model SVG 850

For the maintenance and replacement of their circular saws with carbide teeth, they have acquired the ELITE insert welding machine model SOLDAmaq 1200 and for grinding the flanks of the teeth of circular saws with carbide teeth, they have equipped their facilities with the recently presented ELITE model GBT 850 DUO.

For the maintenance of their band saws, they have the sharpening machine ELITE model SC 10, the ELITE tensioning machine LM PRO, and the ELITE welding machine SOLDAmaq 320 for welding up to a saw width of 320 mm.

For sharpening milling cutters and tops for wood, they have the universal tool sharpener ELITE model 92.

Proud of the collaboration with our official distributor CIPESA, we continue to innovate and train in the use of our machinery in order to satisfy the needs of our distributors and customers in different countries.