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Magnetic chucks manufactured by ELITE

Do you know that Elite manufactures its own magnetic chucks?

In the beginning, we bought the magnetic chucks for our knives grinding machines, like practically any other grinding machine manufacturer. However we realized that our market, the grinding market, is so small that no manufacturer could understand what we really need: It is not only about magnetic power, but also water sealing, energy saving, precision and without forgetting the cost factor.

We tried three different manufacturers without success. So we ended up creating and manufacturing our own magnetic chucks for our knives grinding machines: fully made in house, like the vast majority of our machine parts.

So our magnetic chucks offer the best water insulating, via a double electrical cable insulating.

Our chucks are magnetic permanent chucks: a pulse of current magnetize the chucks and keeps magnetized without any need for energy, thus getting a BIG energy saving. In addition, if power goes down when the grinding machine is running, no blade will fly across the workshop!

Since our platters do not need energy to maintain the magnetic force, no heat is generated, and since there is no heat, there is no deformation of the platter due to temperature. As a result, we get MORE PRECISION.

In addition, our magnetic chuck supports are always fixed two ways: from bottom and from one side. This reinforces the chuck fixation to the machine, and reduces vibrations.

We believe our magnetic chucks are one of our big success. And we are very proud about it.