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New ELITE MD 650 with redesigned cooling system

Introducing the new ELITE model MD 650 with the redesigned cooling system

  • Automatic, compact and economical
  • Allows the sharpening of all the geometries of the back and face of the tooth
  • With cooling system included
  • Automatic sharpening

For perfect sharpening of circular saws from 200 to 650mm in diameter

The MD 650 is our compact and economical automatic machine for circular saw blades with tungsten carbide teeth.


It allows the sharpening of all the geometries of the top and the face of the tooth of circular saws from 200 to 650mm. diameter

An automatic sharpening can be programmed via an easy-to-program LCD screen.

In addition to the standard cooling system, the machine can be optionally equipped with a concave tooth sharpening system (hollow face) that works at 24,000 RPM.

The cooling system will allow you to achieve a higher quality of sharpening with less wear on the abrasive wheel.


Our MD 650 is a very easy to use and very low maintenance machine. It is ideal for both professional shop operators and beginners.

You can see the complete technical profile, as well as the operational videos and the downloadable catalog of the ELITE MD 650 on our website ELITE model MD 650.

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