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We reserve the right to make design changes in the interest of technical progress.






Economic bandsaws and circular sawblades grinding machine for sawmill.

For sharpening bandsaws from 20 (3/4") to 250 mm (9,8")

Durable and low maintenance sharpening machine.

The ELITE model SC 10 is our band saw sharpening machine for sawmills that need to sharpen bandsaws from 20 to 250 mm with different tooth shapes.

Band saws can be sharpened up to a length of 12 meters.

Band saw sharpening

Circular saw blades sharpening

Band saw width from 20 to 250 mm. (3/4" to 9,8")
Band saw thickness up to 6 mm (0,23").
Tooth pitch from 0 to 55 mm. (0" to 2-1/4")
Tooth profiles N, O, S, SB
Angle from 3º to 30º
Grinding wheel motor 0,75 kW
Saw blade diameter from 250 to 450 mm. (9,8" to 17,7")

Technical data

Optional accesories

- Set of 2 stands for bands up to 12 meters length

- Complete refrigeration system

- Grinding dust extraction system

Available versions

Model Packing size Packing weight
SC 11 1200 x 820 x 1560 mm 185 Kg


- Low maintenance

- Easy to use: suitable for both professional to beginners workshop operators

- Sharpening of band and circular saw blades

- It can be sharpened ban saws to a length of up to 12 metres


Different tooth profiles that can be sharpened: N, O, S, SB

Economic band saw and circular saw blades sharpening machine ELITE SC 10 for sawmill
Sharpening of a sawmill band saw on the ELITE SC 10
Sharpening of a circular saw blade on the ELITE SC 10
Economic sawmill band saw and circular saw blades sharpening machine ELITE SC 10 leaflet
Different tooth profles can be shapened on the ELITE SC 10: N, O, S, SB