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The solution for sharpening and maintaining band saws

In order to sharpen the narrow band saws that are typically used in carpentry as well as other sectors, it is essential to have not only an excellent sharpener that adapts to the characteristics of your saws, but also a setter that allows the tooth to lock of the band saw.

At ELITE, we have various models of sharpening and setting machines to suit your economic and work volume needs.

We understand carpentry band saws in a height from 10 mm to 70 mm. They are saws that normally have a left-right or left-right-straight set tooth.

For an excellent sharpening of band saws as well as for their correct maintenance and maximum durability, we recommend using our ELITE SC 2 or SC 3 sharpening machine and our ELITE TR 3 automatic setting machine

SC 2 and TR 3 AUTO

Our sharpening machine ELITE SC 2 allows the sharpening of the triangular and triangular tooth with half spacing. It also allows you to incorporate the setter ELITE TR 2 or the ELITE TR 3 on one side, to be able, in a single machine, to perform both sharpening and setting. In this way, we not only save space, but also money.

TR 2

We also have the more advanced model ELITE SC 3, which can make both triangular and spaced triangular teeth, like the SC 2, but also adds the possibility of making the curved tooth or Woodmizer-type tooth with different steps and advances to be able to sharpen even with CBN grinding wheel. The SC 3 model incorporates the cooling system and variable speed drive.

As the SC 3 is more voluminous, it cannot incorporate the setter. In this case, the setting machine ELITE TR 3 AUTO is the ideal complement to the SC 3 to obtain a perfect sharpening and maintenance of your band saws. With the TR 3 AUTO we can set the tooth left-right-straight, left-right, or right-left-straight, right-left.

SC 3

What is the advantage of having two machines (SC 2 and TR3 AUTO)?
Mainly that, while we are sharpening a saw, we can be setting others and thus have twice the volume of work.

What is the advantage of having the setter on the same sharpening machine (SC 3 with TR 2 or TR 3 AUTO)?
We can do first sharpening and then setting just by changing the setting, without having to go through the cumbersome process of changing the bandsaw on the machine.