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The complete solution for your workshop

Equip your workshop with the complete equipment to satisfy all your welding needs

  • The cutting shear to cut the band saw at 90º without burr.
  • The SOLDAmaq PRO 40 / 65 for welding bimetallic materials, stainless steel and steel thanks to its spark welding system. This system allows us to weld more progressively and, therefore, harder materials without requiring so much electrical power.
  • The SOLDAmaq EC deburring machine for removing the weld seam without re-heating the bandsaw

Take care of all the details: the path to perfection

Having a mobile welding bench is the best option: quickly and comfortably it allows cutting, welding and polishing to be carried out in a single welding station. It must be taken into account that the place where the band saw or bench rests does not make direct contact with the ground so that it does not create an electric arc and we lose welding power. The contact of the electric arc would cause it to weld unevenly. For this reason we present the solution for metal band saw welding on a mobile bench with a wooden base and non-metallic rubber wheels.

Keep in mind: You can never weld next to an air current. This would cause the annealing process to cool quickly and instead of carry out a annealing process, we would do a tempering.