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How long is the useful life of a sharpening machine?

How can we lengthen it?

Can we achieve a longer useful life and at the same time obtain a higher quality of sharpening?

When we want to achieve excellent sharpening quality, we often focus on buying a sharpening machine that meets the characteristics with which we believe we will achieve it. The investment is considerable so we take a long time to make the right decision. But we forget that the profitability that we can obtain from the machine and the quality of this sharpening will depend to a large extent on the cleaning and maintenance system that we give it.

After sharpening the blades, the machine is left full of dirt and remains that accumulate and deteriorate the sharpener, wearing down the guides and moving parts in an accelerated manner, since the abrasive emery resulting from sharpening (remains of the abrasive wheel + remains of very hard steels) will wear out the shafts and bearings very quickly, causing play in the movement of the machine and loss of precision. At the same time, the quality of the sharpening decreases, and the final roughness of the part is much higher than it should be.

How, then, can we extend the life of our sharpening machine and its components as much as possible to avoid the continuous expense of spare parts and the consequent stoppage in our production?

How can we get the sharpening quality to be the same as the first day?

With a correct maintenance of the machine that involves working with a clean liquid, always, in each sharpening. Our filtration systems FILTRAmaq UNO or FILTRAmaq PRO are essential to prolong the useful life of the machine and achieve the desired sharpening or grinding finish. In addition, with this we manage to increase the life of the abrasive stone.

Avoid headaches with production stoppages due to breakage or replacement of parts that have been deteriorating due to dirt. Simplify the work of operators and maximize the performance of your grinder and sharpener as well as its wheels and components.

At ELITE, we have designed 3 filtration models to adapt to the space and profitability needs of each workshop:

  • FILTRAmaq UNO: it is our autonomous equipment for the filtration of grinding/sharpening liquids up to 2µm, with a filtration flow rate nominal 50 l/min. Ready to be installed inside machines model AVB, 850, SVG 850, MVB 850, or GBT 850.
  • FILTRAmaq SOLO: filtration system for a single machine up to 2µm, with a nominal filtration flow of 50 l/min . Its compact shape is ideal to be placed between machines, saving workshop space.
  • FILTRAmaq PRO: our most powerful equipment to be connected to up to 5 machines. Available with nominal filtration flow rates of 50 l/min, 100 l/min, 150 l/min and 200 l/min.

Filtramaq UNO
Filtramaq SOLO
Filtramaq PRO

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Maximize the performance of your machine and don't settle for lesser quality sharpening!