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Cleaning the saws before sharpening

Cleaning the saws well before putting them in the sharpening machine is a very important step, since it will affect us:

  • A saving in machine coolant costs, because the coolant (either coolant or cutting oil) will be cleaner and will last longer as the dirt in the coolant of the sharpening machine does not decompose.

  • Sharpening with greater precision. Resin residues or other impurities can make a thickness in the body of the saw that will affect us when holding the saw with the jaws. This is especially important for saws with a trapezoid tooth, as it may move the tooth to one side in some part of the saw, later affecting the quality of the final cut of the saw.

To clean the saws NEVER USE THE METAL BRUSH, as they will damage the saw and give it a rough appearance if it is scratched.

The steps to clean the saw are divided into 3:

1.- Pass a cloth or the air gun to the saw, so the particles that are loose such as sawdust will come off it, avoiding an unnecessary accumulation of dirt in the detergent of the cleaning machine.

2.- Introduce the saws in the cleaning machine, in our machines it is usually necessary between 10 and 15 minutes if the water-detergent ratio is recommended. When you open the machine the tools will dry themselves. Eliminating the water from the saw so that it does not come into contact with the oil from the sharpening machine.

NOTE: In the milling cutters, you have to pay special attention to the washing time, because depending on the quality of the paint, it can be removed.

ATTENTION: Watch the washing time on aluminum pieces, depending on the proportion of detergent and the washing time, it can attack the aluminum.

ELITE washing machine model LAVAmaq 910

Remove the saws and stack them for later sharpening. It is convenient to separate the saws in which new teeth must be replaced from the rest, because in these saws we will have to weld and rectify these new teeth. It is very important that in this step the saws do not touch each other so that the body is not scratched and mainly the teeth are not damaged when they collide with each other, for this we can use cardboard or similar as separators.

With these steps we will have the saws perfectly clean for sharpening.

Depending on the diameter of the saws to be cleaned, we recommend the following ELITE washers:

In case of having special measures, you can consult us to manufacture a washing machine according to your requirements.