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Cleaning, drying and corrosion protection in a single process

Complete cleaning of the tools with automatic drying

Maximum Load: 200 Kg.

Máx. 1 stack of big saw blades (>ø400 mm.)

The Elite LAVAmaq 910 provides a tool cleaning system that will save you a lot of operator time. Insert dirty tools such as circular saws, blades or milling cutters into the machine and within 10 to 15 minutes they will be completely clean, dry and protected against corrosion.

The cleaned tool is ready to be introduced into the grinder without contaminating the coolant.

It allows to clean saws and tools up to a diameter of 900 mm.

You can also insert the already sharpened tools for 1 minute so that they receive a corrosion protection that is completely dry and unnoticed.

Maximum tool dimensions ø900×500 mm. (Diameter x Height)
Maximum tool weight 200 kg
Cleaning temperature up to 60ºC
Pump 170 l/min and 2,3 bar
Water tank capacity 170 liters
Connection 400V or 220V 3 Ph. 50/60 Hz.

Optional accesories

- Automatic rotation for LAVAmaq 910 tray. Necessary with high resistance dirt as resins.

- Inox steel tray for LAVAmaq 910

- Vapor exhaust

- Automatic filler for the tank

- Automatic drain of the tank

- Automatic oil separator

- Grid for the placement of discs

Available versions

Model Net size Packing weight
LAVAmaq 910 1290 x 1230 x 1900 mm. 140 Kg.
Cleaning of cutting tools ELITE LAVAmaq 910

Technical data


Loading of tools

Circular saw blades cleaned



- Machine made of high quality stainless steel plate with 2 mm. thickness

- Adjustable water heating temperature up to 60ºC

- Programmable timer from 1 to 30 minutes of the washing cycle

- Biodegradable detergent with tool corrosion protection

- Optional motorization of the tool carriage

- Draining system for quick and easy change of the liquid