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We reserve the right to make design changes in the interest of technical progress.





Economical, durable and low maintenance sharpening machine.

For sharpening and setting of bandsaws with curved tooth shape and width from 10 (0,39") to 60 mm (2,36")

Available only with the sharpener or with the sharpener plus the band saw setting machine.

The ELITE model SC 3 is our band saw sharpening machine for curved/woodmizer tooth profile that can also sharpen circular steel or CV saw blades from 110 to 600 mm.

The band saw is placed in vertical, through an adjustable bandsaw carrier according to the length of the bandsaw, which saves space in the workshop.

The machine is available as an option with the automatic bandsaw setting device, with the setting options: right-left-straight or right-left.

It is also possible to select the sharpening load: only the front of the tooth or the front + back.

Frontal control panel, with only the necessary buttons for very easy handling

Setting machine installed on the grinding machine, as optional

Band saw width from 10 to 60 mm. (0,39" to 2,36")
Band saw thickness from 0,5 to 1,5 mm. (0,019" to 0,06")
Tooth pitch from 16 to 25 mm. (0,19" to 0,59")
Tooth profile Curved/woodmizer
Working speed 33 teeth / minute
Grinding wheel motor 0,55 kW
Saw blade diameter from 110 to 500 mm. (4,3" to 19,6")
Tooth pitch from 5 to 15 mm. (0,19" to 0,59")

Technical data

Optional accesories

- Setting machine installated on the grinding machine

- Working speed adjustment from 10 to 60 teeth/minute

- Coolant system complete, includes pump, water tray, hoses and tubes

Available versions

Model Packing size Weight
SC 3 810 x 920 x 1560 mm 130 Kg
SC 3 + TR 2 setting 810 x 920 x 1560 mm 150 Kg
SC 3 + TR 3 setting 810 x 920 x 1560 mm 170 Kg


Band saw sharpening machine without the setting machine installed

Sharpening of curved/woodmizer tooth profile

Frontal control panel on the automatic band saw grinding machine ELITE SC 3
Setter installed on the band saw sharpening machine ELITE SC 3, as an option
Band saw sharpening machine ELTE SC 3 without setter as standard
Band and circular saw blade automatic sharpening machine ELITE SC 3 for woodmizer


- Economic and quality sharpening of bandsaws and circular saws, saving work space thanks to its vertical system placement of the bandsaw

- Sharpening of bandsaws with curved/woodmizer tooth profile

- Possibility to select the sharpening infeed load: only the front of the tooth or front + back

- Independent tooth pitch adjustment

- Independent adjustment of grinding wheel depth and input/output speed

- Version with setting machine: Right-left-straight or right-left setting option