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We reserve the right to make design changes in the interest of technical progress.





Automatic grinding machine for circular knives: it sharps knives with up to four bezels: two different angles on each side.

Equipped with 3-axis numerical control for automatic sharpening process. High quality finishes with the best working times.

The new ELITE CC PRO is our most innovative design for sharpening circular knives from ø25 to ø800 mm.

It allows the automatic sharpening of the 4 corners of a knife bevel: two angles on one side and two angles on the other side.

Optionally available is the sharpening system with tangential grinding wheel, for tangential grinding wheel finishing for those knives that require it.

LCD screen that allows a very easy to use programming system with control guided steps.

Cup grinding wheel

Optional: Cup + tangential grinding wheel

Working area overview

Cooling equipment with 2 bar and 20 l/min., with 80 lts. tank, pump and faucet.

Circular saw blades from ø25 to ø800 mm.
Grinding wheel motor 2 HP. With frequency converter to adjust the grinding wheel from 3.000 to 9.000 RPM
Grinding wheel ø100 mm.
Sharpening on one operation Up to 4 cutting angles
Programmable grinding wheel and counter blade speed for roughing and finishing
Programmable knife speed from 10 to 70 RPM
Circular knife angle from +90º to -90º. On or two angles on each bezel
Grinding cycle programming Manual and CNC approach
Production program For equal diameter knives as standard
Automatic lubrication system
Coolant tank with 2 bar and 20l/min., with 80 its tank, pump and faucet.
Max. connected power 4 kW

Technical data

Optional accesories

- Finishing program with tangential blades sharpening

- A-axis CNC rotation by means of precision gearbox and servo motor

- Centering rings (depends on diameter)

- Saw blade holder (depends on diameter)

Available versions

Model Packing size Weight
CC PRO 1300 x 1600x 1800 mm. 840 Kg.


- Solid and powerful machine, free of vibrations for the most precise and fast work in the circular knives sharpening.

- Programmable PLC panel with LCD screen for easy and intuitive work.

- Sharpening in one setup up to 4 different angles.

- Fully configurable work cycle: Roughing, finishing and spark out.

- Higher coolant tank than previous models: higher tank capacity, more pump flow and improved settling.

- Circular Production program for knives at the same height available as standard.

- Optional: cabin door made in INOX steel.


LED lamp that allows economical and high visibility lighting.

3 CNC-axis automatic knives grinding machine ELITE CC PRO
LCD screen easy to use on the automatic CNC knives grinding machine ELITE CC PRO
Grinding wheel motor 2 HP. With frequency converter to adjust the grinding wheel from 3.000 to 9.000 RPM on the CNC knives grinding machine ELITE CC PRO
Large working area on the CNC 3-axis knives sharpening machine ELITE CC PRO