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Economical knives sharpening machine easy to use and maintenance.

This machine equips two grinding wheels already oriented to obtain a correct cutting angle.

Made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

The Fast, accurate and low cost consumables sharpening machine.

The ELITE model AFILAmaq AC mini is intended for knife sharpeners or small meat production centres that require high precision sharpening in their daily use of the machine.

It is not necessary to know how to sharpen to obtain a perfect result, since the machine incorporates a self-centering system of the knife.

The knife sharpening wheel allows to obtain the minimum burr and a long duration.

It also includes a central handle for easy transport, designed for itinerant sharpeners.

Operating voltage 220 1Ph
Grinding angle Fixed at 30º

Technical data

Optional accesories

- Set of 2 grinding wheels

- Fine polishing grinding wheel

- Polishing paste

Available versions

Model Packing size Weight
AC 260 x 300 x 360 mm. 12 Kg.


- Machine made of anodized aluminium and stainless steel, for long life and easy cleaning.

- Knives can be sharpened with a double bevel at 30º or with a single bevel at 30º.

- Very durable and economical grinding wheels.

- Excellent sharpening quality without overheating the cutting edge.


Hold the knife by the handle and insert the edge on the guide, slide in the direction indicated by the arrow all the edge to the point.

Alternatively use the two slots to remove the burrs that appear. Protect the machine from moisture and dirt.

Best results are obtained in knives with straight edges without water or teeth.

How to sharpen a knife with the AC mini

Economical knives sharpening machine ELITE AC mini