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Precision knife sharpening machine for professionals.

Extremely easy to operate, it allows knives, scissors and other manual cutting tools to be sharpened at a cutting angle of 6° to 50°, either with the blade on the left, right or both sides.

The ELITE AC is our professional machine for sharpening knives and scissors.

Its flexible use makes it suitable for food, deli, vegetable and fish processing and for those operators who appreciate perfect sharpness of its tools.

It allows an optimal sharpening of the knives in an agile way, thanks to its easy use and the possibility of adapting the angle of sharpening in a fast way from 6º to 50º, according to the needs of each user.

The sharpener is equipped with a polishing disc that provides a final touch to the knife edge.

The Elite AC is a compact machine of only 12 kg, which can be used on any surface without being fixed.

In short, it is our sure bet for high-quality, safe and trouble-free sharpening.

Operating voltage 220 1Ph
Grinding angle Adjustable from 6º to 50º.
Polishing grinding wheel On the second head, to obtain a polished cutting edge.

Technical data

Optional accesories

- Set of 2 grinding wheels

- Fine polishing grinding wheel

- Polishing paste

Available versions

Model Packing size Weight
AC 260 x 300 x 360 mm. 12 Kg.


- Designed for the industrial sharpening of knives and scissors, with a professional finish.

- Extremely simple operation allows knives, scissors and other manual cutting tools to be sharpened at an angle of 6° to 50°, either with the cutting blade on the left, right or both sides.


Before performing the sharpening process it is important to clean the knives, also once the process is finished, it is recommended to clean and disinfect the knives.

Knife and scissors sharpening machine ELITE AC



1. Set the desired cutting angle.

2. Place the cutting edge on the guide as close as possible and allow it to be handled (the knife guide is magnetic).

3. Align the knife horizontally.

4. Slightly press the knife down and, simultaneously, move it along the grinding wheel.

5. To sharpen the curved part of the knife, slide it out following the contour of the knife.

6. Remove the knife tip from the abrasive horizontally without applying any pressure.

7. Repeat this cycle two or three times until the knife is completely sharp. Sharpen both sides of the knife in a similar way.


8. Before the first use, apply a thin layer of polishing paste on the disc, repeating this cycle periodically.

Always position the edge of the blade in the direction of the arrow.


Always keep the knife flat to the polishing disc. The edge of the knife should be directed in the direction of the arrow.

9. Fix the flat knife in the centre of the polishing disc, polish both sides alternately two or three times.

Polish the edge smoothly, do not lose the structure of the cut.


1. Loosen the screw at the angle scale.

2. Adjust the required angle. Retighten the screw.

3. Retighten the screw at the angle scale.


- The machine is only to be used for meat knives, kitchen knives, etc. without grooves.

􏰀 - Never sharpen saws, groove knives, etc.

􏰀- Only use the original polishing wheel and grinding compound, otherwise the quality can no longer be guaranteed.

􏰀- Do not apply too much pressure when pushing the knife onto the grinding wheel. If too much pressure is applied on the grinding wheel, the knife can anneal.

- Do not reach into the rotating grinding or polishing wheel.


Recommended grinding angles

Bread knives:           24º

Fish and poultry:      24º - 28º

Filleting:                   24º - 26º

Pork and beef:         30º - 34º

Boning:                    32º - 38º

Table knife:             40º - 48º

Scissors:                      45º