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Universal tools sharpening machine with up to 4 CNC axis

Unbeatable quality/price for an automatic CNC machine

Extremely easy to operate

The ELITE 92 our most popular universal tools sharpening machine now automated with up to 4 CNC axis (X, Y, Z, A) specifically designed for the sharpening tools in the woodworking business.

Its working table allows a maximum load of 100 kg, for the most common sharpening or grinding of cutting tools.

The X (traverse) and Y (depth) axis are moved by dovetail steel guides and the Z (vertical) axis movement of the table runs on linear recirculating ball bearings. All the automated axis are actioned by ballbearing screws.

Its general operation is very simple and convenient.

The grinding wheel head can be rotated 360º with respect to its vertical axis and 90º with respect to the horizontal axis.

Grinding wheel direct drive motor with variable speed drive from 3.000 to 9.000 RPM (Optional up to 18.000 RPM).

Grinding wheel motor power from 3.000 to 9.000 RPM. and 1.5 HP (Optional up to 18.000 RPM)
Grinding wheel diameter Up to ø150 mm
Working table dimensions 730 x 210 mm
X-axis useful travel 450 mm
Y-axis useful travel 170 mm
Z-axis useful travel 250 mm
Vertical spindle rotation 360º
Spindle horizontal rotation 0º to +90º
Maximum weight on the table 100 kg

Technical data

Optional accesories

- CNC control panel up to 4 non interpolated axis (X, Y, Z, A). Management easy and guided with LCD screen

- Table rotable 360º in the horizontal plane

- Half enclosure

- Full enclosure

Available versions

Model Packing size Weight
Without enclosure 1500x870x1400 mm 450 Kg.
Half enclosure 1600x 1150 x 1500 mm. 640Kg
Full enclosure 1600x 1150 x 2100 mm. 700Kg


- Grinding with different diameter grinding wheels with speed variation from 3,000 to 9,000 RPM and 1.5 HP grinding wheel motor (Optional up to 18.000 RPM).

- Direct drive electro-spindle with frequency variator as a standard

- The X (table translation), Y (depth) axis move on dovetail guides, Z (vertical) moves on recirculating ballbearing guides.

- Centralized lubrification system with manual operation.

- Very easy to use and accessible control

- Very robust mechanics for a long life of the machine.


Vertical and horizontal 360º rotation of the grinding wheel on ELITE 92

Half cabin with control panel available as optional equipment.

CNC universal cutter grinder machine ELITE 92 CNC

Grinding cycle setup

Grinding cycle

Sharpening cycle stop avoiding collisions with the tool automatically

Axis referencing and manual movement

Speed regulation of manual movements

Speed regulation of automatic movements

Control panel easy to operate

Manual centralized lubrification system

Universal tools sharpening machine ELITE 92 leaflet