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1.     Contents and use of this manual

2.     Safety rules and conformity

3.     Handling and unpacking

4.     Main parts of the machine

5.     Wiring

6.     Grinding setup

7.     Warranty


IMPORTANT! This user manual is addressed to the owner, the machine user, the cleaning personnel, the maintenance personnel, the staff responsible for repair services and whoever having access to the machine. Read the whole manual before using the machine.

Usefulness of the manual

The manual provides the necessary instructions for the machine transport and handling, installation, use according to the design specifications, cleaning and maintenance; moreover it is aimed at training people, making order of spare parts easier and indicating the residual risks.

Limits of use of the manual

The machine hereunder described is intended for professional use only; this user manual cannot therefore substitute the operator’s adequate experience.

Importance and retention of the manual

This manual is an integral part of the machine and shall be retained up to the machine complete dismantling. Moreover, it shall always be readily available to the operator.

Request for a new manual

In case of loss and/or damage of the manual, the user may request a new copy of it by indicating the following characteristics of the machine: type, model, serial number and year of construction.

Manual update

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the specifications indicated in this manual and/or the characteristics of each machine. Some figures in this manual may show some partly or totally different details than those assembled on the machines. Technical drawings and data may be modified without notice.

Further information and clarification

The user may contact the manufacturer to ask for further information and clarification on the correct use of the machine and on maintenance and repair at any time.

Relief from responsibility

     The manufacturer considers himself relieved of any responsibility in case of:

     1. improper use of the machine.

     2. use of the machine by non-trained personnel.

     3. lack of maintenance foreseen.

     4. non-authorized interventions or modifications.

     5. use of non-original spare parts and/or non-specific for the model.

     6. partial or total non-observance of the instructions.


Circular saw blades grinding machines are dangerous machines. The non-observance of the following safety rules may cause damage to people, animals and properties. The installation and maintenance of the machines in hand in this manual shall be made by skilled people only, who know the machine functioning as well as the European regulations on the installation of industrial machines. The grinding machines herein described shall be used for grinding planer and standard knives. Any other use is therefore forbidden. The handling or removal of any safety guards or device may cause accidents. Their removal or modification is therefore strictly forbidden. Moreover proper functioning of these devices shall be always ensured through periodic controls. Any defect or malfunction shall be immediately eliminated.

1     Grinding speed regulator

2      Not used on MD CNC model

3      Motor for grinding wheel turn in degrees

4      Motor for grinding wheel feed

5      Cooling Tray

6      Sharpening Unit

7      Cooling nozzle

8        Blade Support Carriage

9      Hook Angle

Version: February 2018