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For welding band saws in bimetal materials, stainless steel and steel.

Width for bimetal and stainless saws: 10 to 41 mm (0.39" to 1,6")

Width for steel saws: 10 to 65 mm (0.39" to 2-1/2")

The ELITE SOLDAmaq PRO 65 is our welding machine suitable for welding steel, bimetal and stainless steel saws.

Pulse and ready" band saw welding: Simply follow the welding parameters we provide depending on the thickness and width of the saw, close the saw clamping jaws and press the welding button.

For fast, economical and durable welding of metal band saws.

It allows both welding and annealing of the bandsaw in one clamping and without adding any additional material or flux.

Can be optionally equipped with SOLDAmaq EC deburring machine, for removal of the weld band

Steel bandsaw width from 10 to 65 mm (0,39" to 2-1/2").
Bimetal bandsaw width from 10 to 41 mm (0,39" to 1,6")
Bandsaw thickness from 0,6 to 1,2 mm (0,023" to 0,063")
Installed power 12 kW

Optional accesories

- Opening and closing of clamping jaws by pedal

- Cooling system for clamping jaws. For continuous welding and production lines

Available versions

Model Packing size Weight
SOLDAmaq PRO 65 1100 x 1050 x 1000 mm 330 Kg.


- Welding of the stainless steel and bimetal band saw, without additional flux and in a few seconds.

- It incorporates its own annealing system, which together with the flux free welding guarantees that the bandsaw has the same hardness in any part of its longitude.


Working process in SOLDAmaq PRO 40

Version with automatic clamping jaws

Welding machine for bimetal bandsaws ELITE SOLDAmaq PRO 65

Standard control panel

Technical data